USF Chronicles

The USF Chronicles are the official lore of Infinite Fleet, documenting the important historical events and character journeys dating up to the start of the main game.

An Assassin, A Diplomat

A Citadel is not measured by its population or geography. It isn’t measured by its breadth or military. And neither is it measured by its economic output or its citizens’ prosperity. In Chase’s mind, these were all antiquated appraisal tools trying to quantify the preceding citizenries of human history: tribes, countries, and early interplanetary alliances. In the end, Citadels were always measured by their choices. And there were few Citadel leaders more decisive in their choices than Ruolan Trung, the Servetus Citadel Leader. Chase had come across Trung in his studies...

Alien Architecture

Mila had never seen alien ruins before. Neither had Rick, as he peered over her shoulder. In all her readings on xenolinguistics the thought of a species away from Earth communicating through architecture was incredible, but also, merely a thought. A theory, waiting to be proven. As she clutched the screen displaying Einar’s vision between her white-knuckled hands, she could not look away. The surface of CS-79C, which Mila had no doubt would be renamed following such a discovery, was beautiful. Einar and his ground team, including Savannah, had touched down on the cusp of one of the...

Through a Spyglass

“You’re demoted.” Lee’s office was minimalist and clearly seldom used. The room shrunk around Chase as Lee’s words passed through him. Petrov, Lee’s right hand man and communications officer, stood on the far side of the room, examining data and footage from their recent battle at Macquarie Station on a wall display. “Excuse me, sir?” said Chase. “Effective immediately, you are now a Lieutenant Captain.” “Why?” said Chase. “Formally,” said Lee, mulling his words, “for inadequate command of your...

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