2019 Recap - Infinite Fleet

Season’s greetings!

2019 has been a dynamic year for Pixelmatic and Infinite Fleet; it was a year of excitement, growth, and change, and we have never been more motivated about where we stand and where we are headed.

Last year, we started strategizing and planning our efforts for growing the team’s capabilities and resources so that we could better focus on our visionary AAA project, Infinite Fleet. This year, we set about our plan and we worked hard to share our vision and goals with potential investors, some of whom saw the potential in our talented team and decided to pledge their support to us. We are currently close to completing the private round of our fundraising via a unique security token offering, and we will have more updates regarding this in the new year.

In 2019, we focused on expanding our Infinite Fleet team and really advancing the game's development. In Q2 this year, we onboarded two highly talented and experienced game design veterans from Relic Entertainment, in the form of our Chief Creative Officer Jason Lee and Design Director Damon Gauthier. Both of these gentlemen have a wealth of expertise with game systems design and game balance design, having worked on big strategy titles like Homeworld and Company of Heroes, and their knowledge is carrying over well to Infinite Fleet.

We capped off the year with another big signing in the form of our Director of Art, Wayne Wong-Chong. Wayne is a guy with two decades of experience in the art of video games, TV, and film. He also comes from Relic and was most recently the Art Director on the much-anticipated Age of Empires IV game. With Wayne’s arrival, we are revamping the art style of Infinite Fleet to something totally in tune with the dramatic space battles and 80’s Japanese anime vibes we are going for, in total, mouthwatering AAA standard. Wayne’s art direction and professionalism already has everyone in the team brimming with respect and anticipation.

Besides the experienced leaders we have brought onboard, we’ve also been busy augmenting the Infinite Fleet team with more developers, artists, and production people. The team has expanded by about 10 members this year, and we are still looking for more talented and driven individuals to join the cause. So if you are a talented game developer or an experienced Sci-Fi writer, don’t be afraid to reach out.

As some of you may already know, Infinite Fleet will have an implementation of cryptocurrency for its in-game currency (called INF), using technology developed by our partner Blockstream - one of the leading companies in the blockchain space, developing bitcoin related technologies and applications. On that front, 2019 has also seen things move leaps and bounds. The bitcoin sidechain technology developed by Blockstream, called the Liquid Network, is now mature and ready for widespread usage. Many prominent cryptocurrency exchanges have already joined the Liquid Network, with many digital assets also already being issued on it. Liquid allows for the seamless exchange of digital assets, with BTC ultimately as the native settlement instrument, streamlining the movement of digital assets while paving the way for a future in which a cryptocurrency such as BTC could be the native money of the internet. There will be plenty of exciting developments on this front in the new year as well, and it won’t be long before we issue INF for the Infinite Fleet game. More information about this will follow soon, keep your eyes peeled!

In terms of Infinite Fleet game development, we have been accelerating in the second half of 2019, after augmenting our team with the necessary talent. We are currently finishing up with prototyping and we are on track with our timeline of alpha release by Q4/2020 or Q1/2021. Our art team, meanwhile, is working extremely hard to churn out assets, as well as working on a much-anticipated second trailer for the game.

All in all, it has been a very productive 2019, and things are falling into place nicely for us. Parts of our distributed team will continue to be busting our behinds to work over the holiday period, and we are excited for the next steps to come in 2020. We hope you feel it as well and continue to stay with us for the journey, as the rewards will be immense.

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