Design Update #3: Let's Talk About Commander Level

Let's talk about Commander Level, a critical feature in Infinite Fleet!

Your Commander Level describes — no surprise here — your current level as a commander. Beginning as a captain, you will level up as you heroically defeat the Atrox in your quest to preserve humanity. As you increase your rank, you get to increase the size of your fleet, which adds a variety of new opportunities to your gameplay. Let’s dive deeper into the feature.

Grow Your Fleet

As you hone your skills as a commander, you’ll learn to command a larger number of Cruiser-class ships at the same time. More ships mean a larger fleet, more firepower, new strategic options, and prestige.

This also comes with more management and maintenance requirements. As the commander of your fleet, you need to keep the durability of your ships at a reasonable level to ensure top performance. Space battles cause wear and tear on your ships, and as the commander, you will need to dock and repair them at a space station every now and then. Fortunately, you’ll grow your fleet to a respectable line-up over time, so while some of your vessels are in repair, you can use your other ships.

Send Your Ships on Missions

In addition to tending to the condition of your ships, you will be able to send them on missions while you are AFK. These missions will reward you with items that you can use to boost and strengthen your fleet. Choose your missions and the ships you assign to them wisely — careful consideration before you send off your crew may earn you better rewards!

With the long-awaited Fleets Update now live in the Infinite Fleet Alpha, you have many more options to customize your gameplay. We look forward to seeing you rise up the ranks and become a powerful and reputable commander. Are you ready for takeoff?

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