Divisions are Coming to Infinite Fleet!

On August 22nd, you'll be able to establish your very own United Sol Federation Division, which is Infinite Fleet's version of a guild. A Division is a team of commanders cooperating to support the war machine against the merciless Atrox. Joining a Division will give you various benefits, and you will be able to pool resources to overcome perilous odds.

To start your Division, you must set up your Infinite Fleet account and purchase a Centurion-class ship on the store.

In this first iteration, you'll be able to use the Infinite Fleet website to reserve your Division name and emblem, and begin inviting other players. First come, first serve!

You can access the Divisions via your account screen on the navigation bar at the top of the website.

You'll then be prompted to enter the Division name and select your emblem.

In response to community feedback, we have decided to allow Division names to contain up to two words. "Division" will also appear after Division names. For example, if you name your Division "Earth Defense," it will appear as "Earth Defense Division" in certain places within the game UI, or in the Chronicles. You should avoid words that seem strange with "Division," such as "clan," "guild," "team," and "corporation," among others.

Take care when entering the Division name! You won't be able to change it later. 

Once your Division is established, you'll then be able to send invites to players and review your roster. Your Division name and Emblem will be proudly displayed over your roster within the Divisions section.

Head over to the community on Discord and make your case as to why the finest commanders of the USF should join your Division!

The first iteration of this Division feature will help you lock in your names and assemble your winning team. Along with the game, we'll continue to develop more features, empowering you to take command.

Infinite Fleet is a social, cooperative game. Divisions will be vital to enjoying the whole experience. We aim to ensure that Divisions play a critical role in fighting the Atrox. You will be able to pool resources to develop epic projects such as space stations and mega-structures. You can send distress signals when you are under attack and reward Division members who come to your aid.

Simply put, the key to victory in Infinite Fleet is to become a member of a strong Division. So now is the time to lay down the groundwork, commander.

United we stand.

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