You Can Now Share Your Infinite Fleet Gameplay Status on Discord

The Infinite Fleet Discord is where you’ll meet some of our earliest and most active community members, and where you can chat with our team, ask questions, give feedback, and even make suggestions for additions to the game.

And from today, you’ll find a new exciting feature: you can now share your Infinite Fleet gameplay status straight on Discord!

With the new feature, Discord will broadcast that you’re playing the game across all servers you’ve joined. It will also show which ship you’re commanding, where in the Infinite Fleet galaxy you are at the moment, how many ships are in your fleet, and what commander level you’re on.

To share your gameplay status, all you need to do is download the Discord desktop client and enable activity status sharing in your User Settings.

This will give you even more opportunities to share your passion with the Infinite Fleet community. And if that’s not a good enough reason for you to join our Discord, maybe this is: this week Thursday at 9 PM EST, Pixelmatic COO Chris will go live on Discord to hang out with the commanders while playing Infinite Fleet. Don’t miss it!

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