The New Infinite Fleet Trailer Is Out Now

Today marks a very special day for Infinite Fleet—we are finally releasing the new trailer Counterattack!

Counterattack brings you the continuation of the Infinite Fleet story, picking up where our first trailer Dearest Mila left off. If you haven’t watched the first trailer yet, we recommend that you do that first and then jump right into the new trailer.

The new trailer awaits you with epic space combat and the reveal of a major gameplay mechanic that will have a crucial effect on your gaming experience. We can’t wait for you to see it!

In Counterattack, you’ll see some familiar faces again, and they’re brought to life by an all-star cast of voice actors from highly acclaimed game and anime franchises: lead protagonist Alexander Chase is voiced by Jonah Scott, who is known for his work on Attack on Titan; Captain Tanaka receives her voice from Kira Buckland, who previously voiced 2B in Nier: Automata; and Captain Harold ‘Herk’ Campbell is voiced by Brian Drummond, the English voice of Dragon Ball Z’s Vegeta.

You may also recognize some major thought leaders from the Bitcoin space in our trailer — Keiser Report co-host and Bitcoin icon Stacy Herbert, along with investors WhalePanda and Henry "DaWoo" Wu, and BTC Times editor Lina Seiche, are doing a cameo in the trailer as they bring reinforcements to Chase’s fleet.

As we announced last month, the music in Counterattack is brought to you by no other than Vince DiCola, the Grammy- and Golden Globe-nominated composer of the scores for the soundtracks of legendary Hollywood titles such as The Transformers: The Movie and Rocky IV. We couldn’t have wished for anyone better than Vince and his long-term partner Kenny Meridieth to bring the trailer to life with their iconic 80’s sound.

We hope you enjoy the trailer, and for those of you who can’t wait to start playing, you can still apply for access to our Alpha! Simply purchase your preferred spacecraft on the Infinite Fleet store to join the waitlist. Every week, new Alpha access tickets are assigned at random.

With that said, all there is left to do is to dive right into Counterattack and get ready for the next steps in our journey towards the full release of Infinite Fleet.

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