Who are the Atrox?

In 2069, while digging the foundations for an industrial complex on Mars, a construction team struck upon the ceiling of a cavern, causing a cave-in. They discovered an ancient alien ship. It was immediately taken for study by teams of scientists who stripped the ship and developed an understanding of warp technology. 

After this event, a golden age of humanity's expansion across the stars began. However, the discovery of this ancient alien race still concerned the UN of Earth, which laid the groundwork for the Earth-Mars Interplanetary Alliance, a precursor to the USF.

Fifty years later, Charles Lee took a small fleet more than 20,000 light-years away from Sol to perform reconnaissance on a gravitational anomaly.

He encountered an unknown alien fleet and was utterly outmatched and after taking heavy damage from the onslaught, it took two years for him to return home and warn the USF about the Atrox - which, 30 years later, would be humanity's greatest threat.

What do we know about the Atrox?

The Atrox, dubbed so from the Latin 'fierce' or 'terrible,' are a mystery. Our scientists have been able to discover troublingly little about them.

We know that their bodies are neither machines nor are they organic. They are humanoid constructions that seem to operate without any brain or other form of a central processing unit. It is unclear to us how they operate. They are soulless, cold, efficient mannequins.

Their massive ships can also be piloted by a minimal crew of several of these mannequins. It is beyond our understanding how such a skeleton crew can operate ships spanning kilometers with deft precision at the helm, engineering, and gunnery. It has been suggested that perhaps the Atrox mannequins can somehow communicate with their ships, but their method of doing so is unknown.

To this end, the Atrox fleet seems to be inexhaustible. Hundreds of ships can warp into a system without warning and attack. They seem to have little concern for losing ships and constantly probe and attack our operations. Curiously, they can constantly send wave after wave, yet they do not immediately overwhelm us by sending their infinite fleet at once. We are yet to discover why they are not focusing their resources on us. We would be wiped out within moments if they chose to do so.

The Atrox refuse to communicate with us. It is unknown whether they are incapable of communication or simply refusing to do so. But, despite constant attempts through various channels, we have received no transmissions from them, hostile or otherwise.

Not only do they refuse to communicate, but they also refuse to give mercy. They annihilate everything in their path, chase down survivors, and take no prisoners. They will eliminate every human in the galaxy if we do not stop them.

What we do not know about the Atrox

Our scientists have yet to provide many insights on Atrox technologies, as they are so alien to our own.

Interestingly, though the ship which was found almost a century ago is certainly reminiscent of Atrox engineering, the technology found within is vastly different. The old ship must have been from an ancient Atrox civilization.

We have no idea why the Atrox are attacking us. Their behavior does not suggest an expansionist attitude but rather one that simply seeks to eradicate us. Perhaps the Atrox see us as a pest or contaminate. But whatever motivates them, they are moving with surgical precision to remove us from the galaxy.

Turning the tide with the Polaris Generation

Until the creation of the Polaris generation ships, our fleets didn’t stand a chance. Now, we are at the turn of the tide, and it's time to show the Atrox what we are made of!

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